C.U.B.O. - Cutting Unit Batch One - is an innovative panel sizing-squaring center with fix table and two moving gantrys, each with one milling aggregate. Each gantry is driven by 2 electronic synchronized motors. The transmission of motion is carried out by two hardened and sanded, skewed toothracks; prism guides care for constant cycle.

The working aggregates are moved vertically by ball screw spindles and are equipped with a central extraction system, with which dust and incidental wood chips are extracted via only one nozzle. The multistage vacuum, which can be chosen by the control, provides through the suction effect an ideal adhesion of the support board protection board and of the panel, which needs to be cut.

The panel sizing-squaring center CUBO is integrated in a loading and unloading device of MAHROS, which via control software 'EASY PLAN' enables the automatic processing of all work steps:

  • feeding of the panel, which needs to be cut from the magazine,
  • transfer of the cutted panels to the edgebanding unit,
  • rest management and labelling of the individual panels.

The integration in the prodcution process is ensured by the innovative software, which enables the creation of cutting lists, the optimization of the cutting plans and the management of the working procedures. The priority of the rest management enables their optimization and the reduction of the stock holding; because there are no limitations of the cutting plans, the offcut can be minimized also under hard working conditions as f.e. by batch size 1.

Through the simultaneously input of the two working aggregates and the independent from the cycle time realized loading and unloading procedures, with this production line a substantial higher efficiency can be reached than with other today available cutting plants.



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