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Infeed length max mm

Area of finger jointing lines

The maximum infeed length of finger jointing lines denotes the maximal length that a workpiece is allowed to have. This length can be influenced by different factors. Mostly the technical design is crucial:

  • Package systems:
  • Systems with stationary rotary table: The measures of the rotary table and the milling table (ideally they are equal) are decisive for the maximally allowed workpiece length. If a workpiece is longer than required, it could be dangerous while turning the workpiece package
  • The same is important for machines with moveable rotary table, too, where the milling and rotary table are identical. If a workpiece is longer than the table, a collision might happen while turning.
  • For machines without rotary table, for example with a double-sided milling machine, the length of the milling table is crucial for the maximal workpiece length. If a workpiece is longer than the table, it could collide with other workpieces from already finished packages, at the latest during the transport.
  • For systems with loading via belt conveyor with boxes usually the width of the feeding device is decisive.
  • Feed through lines: The width of the machine frame determines the maximum infeed length, because feed through lines usually mill in transversal throughfeed. Theoretically, it is possible to process also longer workpieces, but this would mean a restriction in loading of the next piece, so it is usually not realized.
  • Compact systems: Compact systems work cyclically in lengthwise throughfeed, so there are - at least theoretically - no restrictions for the infeed length. Only the loading capacity and length of the conveyor systems limit the infeed and feed out length.
  • Other technical designs (machine for long wood, machine consisting of single machines): Because these machines do not have a consistent construction method, it is not possible to set a general size, which is crucial for the infeed length. Mostly it is one of the already stated cases.

Area of optimization cross cut saws

The information "maximum infeed length" by optimization cross cut saws with infeed pusher describes the maximum length of the raw workpiece and with it the stretch of road the pusher has to come back to take the next workpiece.


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