Router head

Power 2000 is a system for router heads with HSK-F63 tool Interface, introduced by the SCM Group in 1999.

The Power 2000 spindle was introduced for the first time in the newly introduced machines of the series Record NWT and offered for the larger machines of the entire Record series.

Only a short time later, the Power 2000 spindle replaced the router heads with ISO30 interface which had been used as the standard router head for CNC-machining centers of the SCM Group.

As a standard, Power 2000 has a torque Support for aggregate for tool changer and is usually also offered with vector-axis. Different performance profiles are available, e.g. High Power, High Speed, High Torque.

The Power 2000 spindle is also offered in angle plants for window production as an optional router head with vector-axis as well as tool changer SCM Rapid 24, e.g. for the larger machines of the Windor series.


Power 2000 an einer Winkelanlage (SCM,Windor 40)
Power 2000, Bearbeitungen auf einer Winkelanlage
Die eigentliche Spindel des Power 2000 Systems
SCM, 1999