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Numeric LED display on the consoles

LED position indicators are used as positioning aids with CNC processing centres with pod and rail tables.

LED displays are located on the machine consoles. Here it is possible to read the dimensions specified by the control for the positioning of the consoles and suction cups. Less frequently, a sliding control panel is located on the machine frame, which is equipped with a larger display and shows the target and actual positions of the traverse before which it is positioned, as well as the associated suction cups.


  • With the simplest and most common variants, consoles and machine table are equipped with tape measures. A single-line LED display on the sliding handles indicates the positions to which the consoles and the suction devices on them should slide. Using push-buttons it is possible to show the calculated positions of traverses and individual suction cups one after the other. Position monitoring is not included. This variant can also be equipped with more convenient display systems.
  • The consoles are equipped with position sensors. The LED displays are more conveniently configured and deliver the target and actual positions of the traverses, so that the operator is notified of incorrect positioning. This system can be expanded to include position monitoring of the suction cups (extremely rare in practice for cost reasons), as well as a clamping function, which pneumatically fixes the consoles when they reach the target position. This type of positioning aid is frequently also used with multiple boring systems.

Images and Videos

LED-Positionsanzeige an einer Konsole
Anzeige mit Soll-Istwertvergleich
Maschine mit LED-Zahlenanzeige an den Konsolen (Morbidelli)