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Dust extraction

Plants for extracting woodchips and dust in wood-working machines. The extracted material will be collected and thermically utilized or otherwise processed.

Contrary to mobile dedusters dust extraction units are always stationary, meaning firmly installed.

Structure and dimensioning

Dust extraction units usually consist of extraction tubing, fans, filtration precipates (tissues and cardridge filtres respectively) and recirculated air ducts. The right dimensioning of dust extraction units is compulsory for personal and environmental safety. The consequences of dust extraction units improperly set may be insufficient extractions, high electricity consumption, excessive filtre wear, uncleaned air and even recirculated air posing a health hazard.

Types of chip extraction units

  • Sagging dust extraction unit
  • Smaller dust extraction units with a modular construction without a silo for chippings for less extraction areas up to ca. 50-70 m2. The wood chips will be stored in the containers and sacks respectively.
  • compare: Mobil dedusting unit
  • Ceiling mounting filtre
  • Machines where the extraction area is directly located inside and on top of the silo or in which the wood chips can be directly deposited.
  • Intermediate dust extraction units and large dust extraction units (extraction houses)
  • Designed for more extraction, starting from ca. 80 m2 in area.
  • Conveyor systems like chain conveyors, rotary valve, push floor delivery or screw conveyors are linked to the filtres which transport the material into a silo, into a container, into a briquetting press or directly into a combustion plant.
  • Mostly these plants are developed as modular system and therefore individually extendable concerning filtre and extraction areas and quantities.


Absackfilteranlagen (Spänex)
FIMAL, 1996
SPÄNEX, 1995
NESTRO, 1995
NESTO, 1995
SCHUKO, 2010

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