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Particularly low-cost variant of the BIESSE ROVER A.

After discontinuing the product range BIESSE ARTECH, no low-cost model of CNC-machining centres was available any more.

Hence Biesse decided to offer a special cost-effective model with the label A-S on the basis of the Rover A series. The "S" here stands for "Smart" - which was completely written out with the successor model.

Differences to the standard - Rover A series

  • UTS machine table instead of ATS - optionally, the ATS table was available as well. Actually, in central and western Europe most Rover A-S have been delivered with ATS table.
  • A mutual Z-axis for drilling block and main spindle; the standard Rover A by that time had two Z-axes
  • Predefined configuration with just minimal selection options concerning equipment

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Types of the series BIESSE ROVER

CNC machining centre
CNC machining centre for windows/doors