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German abbreveation for Maschinendatenerfassung (machine data capturing).

MDE is a software package of the HOMAG Group, developed to collect, reprocess and analyse detailed machine data. The developer is SCHULER Business Solutions AG, an entreprise of the HOMAG Group

Operation mode

SCHULER-MDE runs on the computer with the machine control (1) and directly communicates with the machine's SPS via an OPC interface. Doing this, SCHULER-MDE is able to record and analyse online machine conditions and incidences.

Within the working time productive and unproductive periods are distinguished. The degree of utilisation then equals the relation between productive times and the working time. Further, incidences are summed up. They provide information on the productivity.

The results can be shown on the machine control as well as send to an office workplace for a central evaluation. Export of data for a further evaluation in external systems is possible.

Versions and important properties

MDE Basic

  • standard version
  • recording:
  • the number of the produced pieces
  • the number of refittings
  • the working time of the machine

MDE Professional

  • detailed recording of the break times
  • different visualisations (e.g. Gantt-diagrams)
  • extensive options for recording and analysing data

(1) on all HOMAG machines with OPC-interface and MS Windows based control

Actual application time generally = switched on control voltage for the total time doesn´t comply with the actual production time of the machine!

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