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LEITZ WhisperCut

WhisperCut joint measuring head from Leitz

Joint measuring head system from Leitz, similar to the HeliPlan System, with which spiral-shaped cutting plates are attached to a light metal carrier body.

  • standard equipment 1 to 2 x resharpenable, WhisperCut Plus - up to 10 x resharpenable
  • important: after changing single cutting panels all sharpening blades need to be eroded on a consistent turning circle


  • Noise reducing
  • Reduction in the spindle load due to lightweight construction
  • Cost savings due to exchange of individual cutting plates


The WhisperCut system is suitable for machines such as double end tenoners, carving machines and other edge processing machines. Materials suitable for processing include bare, veneered, plastic or paper- coated chip and fibrous materials, as well as fibre-reinforced plastics such as GRP or CFRP.


WhisperCut Jointing cutterhead
LEITZ, 2012

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