The 5-motion Plus is an aggregate interface with the tool holder HSK-F63. The aggregates can be changed by the tool changer.

The 5-motion interface enables the use of an additional rotational axis in a 4-axes machine, so the processing happens with 5 axes.


The use of the 5-motion Plus interface is only possible with a corresponding aggregate, which has an additional swivel mechanism. It can be controlled by the drive of the c-axis. Optionally, the interface can either assign the drive of the c-axis or the additional tilting axis. The change and adjustment is only possible between the single program steps. Hence the fifth axis is a positioning axis and thus can't be used interpolating.

Extension compared to 5-motion

In contrast to the standard-5-motion-interface the 5-motion plus interface has an own tool changing system. In this way the aggregate can be changed even via a HSK-F63 interface, additionally the tools used with the aggregate can be changed by a smaller interface, too. Because the interfaces are different, a separate tool changer is required.

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5-motion Plus Aggregat (Felder)
FORMAT 4, 2012
5-motion Plus Werkzeuge (Felder)
FORMAT 4, 2012

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