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Sanding aggregate

Device on machines for the chip-removing treatment of surfaces of workpieces (sanding) and tools (sharpening) using grained abrasives.

Sanding aggregates consist of a drive motor, a device for power transmission in form of a belt, gear or a motor shaft, an abrasive intake and an abrasive. Depending on the type of aggregate, pulleys, spraying devices for coolants and blow-off nozzles belong to the sanding aggregate.

Sanding aggregates for wooden workpieces

As an abrasive, discs, belts and sponges coated with abrasive grains and brushes made of paper and fabric are used. Due to the varying abrasives, the aggregates differ substantially in their construction. Sanding belts and workpieces are cleared of wood dust by blow-off nozzles (blow-off device).

Advanced concepts

Tool-sanding aggregate

As an abrasive, flat and cylindrical sanding discs made of corundum, silicon carbide and discs with a coating of boron nitride and diamond are used. The sanding discs are driven by a motor, either directly by the motor shaft or by a belt. The sanding of metals liberates much heat. To prevent an overheating of the abrasive, many tool-sanding machines are equipped with a cooling device.


Lamellenschleifaggregat für Leisten
Montage einer Lamellenbürste
Schleifschwammaggregat für Rahmenschliff