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Sanding pad

The sanding pad is part of sanding belt aggregates. By the sanding pad the sanding belt is pressed to the workpiece. Its properties largely determine the sanding results.

Standard designs

  • Fixed sanding pad: consisting of a metal strip witha support made of hard or soft felt, which is coated with a graphite layer for the better lubricity of the sanding belt. Hard felt is used for sanding solid wood panels.
  • Pneumatically supported sanding pad: The sanding pad is not rigidly suspended in the machine, but by pneumatic cylinders. Depending on how much pressure is put on the cylinder, the pad adapts to the workpiece or sands to thickness like a fixed pad.
  • Air sanding pad/air cushion pad: consisting of a metal tub into which an inflatable pillow is put, equipped with a graphite layer or creation of a real air cushion between sanding pad and sanding belt with the help of compressed air (Johannsen AEROSTAT)
  • Electronic sanding pad / segmental pressure pad / segmented pressure bar

Special features

Whilst passing the sanding pad, the workpiece edge touches the pad first which results into a broken edge. If one wishes sharp edges and would like to avoid looping through the applied lacquer, air cushion pads or controlled sanding pads need to be deployed.


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