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Lock case milling aggregate

The term "lock case milling aggregate" in the narrower sense describes a horizontal milling aggregate in CNC-machining centres, which is specifically meant for milling the opening for the insertion of the lock case on board doors.

In a wider sense, the term describes all types of horizontal milling aggregates, which are good for milling openings for lock cases. This includes even the aggregate for tool changers, which can be used as lock case milling aggregate.

Alternative terms

  • Horizontal milling unit
  • Horizontal milling unit
  • Lock case milling tool
  • Lock case milling unit
  • Lock recess routing aggregate


fest installiertes schweres Schlosskastenaggregat
SCM, 1996
Pneumatisch schwenkbares Schlosskastenaggregat
Zwei fest eingebaute, gegenüberliegende Schlosskastenaggregate