BRANDT PS 41 Chamfering and radius sanding aggregate 45° top

The wide belt sander PS 40 and PS 41 are used on edgebanding machines and profile sanding units by manufacturer

BRANDT for sanding and biting radii on workpiece edges.

The unit PS 40 serves the sanding of bottom edge and the unit PS 41 serves the sanding of the top edge.

Features PS 41

Edge radius in mm : 3 – 10
Motor thickness in kW : 0,55
Workpiece thickness in mm : at least 15 mm
Belt speed in m/s : 7
  • controlled sanding belt blowing
  • Sanding pressure manually adjustable
  • Mounting fixture for affixing different fibre and radius sanding pads with sliding scanner
  • Pneumatic connection for the sanding belt cooling
  • Height adjustment with top pressure


pneumatic adjustment direction BRANDT VK Nr. 5272

Facilitates the quick adjustment of the units between different edge thicknesses. Different edge thicknesses can be taken on an 8 revolver. Manually the revolver can be adjusted to the desired edge thickness. Via control the unit can be driven against the machining line.