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Buffing unit

  • Processing unit at edgebanders for cleaning and polishing the edges of the workpiece, often together with a preceding release agent spraying device
  • In standard models for the upper and lower edge only. Only seldom also with copying device or diagonal guide for cleaning the front and rear edge.
  • Position: Mostly of last place after the flat scraper unit or in front of edge sanding aggregates
  • material of the buffing wheels in dependence on the edging material:
  • Molto fins
  • scotch Brite
  • Scotch Brite for solid wood edges


  • oscillation
  • pneumatic control applications

Alternate terms

  • Chamfer unit (term) with older machines by the company Brandt

Images and Videos

Buffing unit
Schwabbelaggregat mit Eckenkopierfunktion
Schwabbela. für Vorder- und Hinterkante
OTT, 2005