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Automatic counter profile against tearing

Moulded counterpiece as rear contact surface for grain wood processing with cross milling. A counter profile prevents the wood fibres from being pulled out at the point where the tool exits the workpiece against the direction of rotation (cross-piece).When processing various profiles such as slots or tenons, the counter profile automatically switches between the different profiles on a cyclical basis implemented via the control.

Application field

  • Slot and tenon processing angular window machining centre e.g. WEINIG Unicontrol 6 and WEINIG Unicontrol 10
  • With factory deliveries from Weinig Unicontrol, the material initially comprises a plastic mixture (illustration 2). The corresponding profile (slot or tenon) is milled together with the workpiece as it enters the machine.
  • However, usually replaced with wood or derived timber panels by the user within the framework of additions and upgrades (illustration 1).
  • Applied as post-feeded counter profile on SCM double end tenoner or angle plant Dogma
  • see Jolly

Further machine types whereby grain wood processing is applied


Abbildung 1 (Weinig Unicontrol 6, Bj. 2000)
Splitterholzvorrichtung (Concept2000)
SCM, 1995