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Seperate fitting groove shaft

The fittings-groove shaft is a separate radially cycled spindle for accommodating a fittings-groove milling system. It commonly assumes the last position in moulding (red arrow, illustration 1). There are short and long versions. Short usually refers to an axial dimension of 120 mm (tool clamping length), suitable for holding just one milling tool, the fittings-groove milling system, and it was used in particular with older angle plants such as the Unicontrol 5 and SCM Multiflex at the start of the 1990s. Long refers to commonly used spindle lengths of 320mm. With these it is possible to clamp milling tools in addition to the fittings-groove milling system. For this reason many manufacturer's descriptions of the long variant do not include the special term "fittings-groove shaft" because this represents a fully capable profiling spindle (illustration 2).

Mode of operation

  • Programmable application and withdrawal movements pertaining to variable lengths
  • The fittings groove is only milled where a locking fitting is actually used (illustration 3)

Alternative variant

  • Without this spindle the fittings-groove milling system is permanently integrated into a sash rebating tool
  • Fittings-grooves must be milled on a continuous basis, remain either open or must be closed with a filler bar (material: White or brown plastic).

Fields of application


Abbildung 1 (Weinig Unicontrol 6)
Abbildung 2 (lange Getriebenutspindel, Weinig UC6)
Abbildung 3 (SCM Multiflex)