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A process for the coating and finishing of surfaces - developed by KLEBCHEMIE M.G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG (76356 Weingarten (Baden)/ Deutschland - see: In particular, it is possible to achieve high-gloss surfaces as well as surfaces with special technical characteristics.

Special features: Hot application of coating

  • After cleaning and preheating of the workpieces (floor elements, furniture components, melamine paper, roll material...) coating material is applied with a temperature of about 100° to 140° Celsius.
  • The process allows application rates of up to 100 g/m².
  • For the coating of roll material a slot nozzle is the preferred choice.
  • For the coating of panel shaped workpieces it is better to use a roller coater.
  • In a further step a TopCoat is applied (variation of gloss levels and colour characteristics)
  • Depending on application a UV-hardening coating can be applied between the HotCoat and TopCoat.
  • The coating is concluded by UV-hardening.
  • Optional, it is possible to work with effects and structures (e. g. rolling of pores, pearl effects, plaster textures) on the surface. Those effects can be reached by calendering.

Application technic

The HotCoating-method was made possible by the spanish manufacturer Barberán S. A.. One advantage is that high-gloss machine lines can be reduced from 75-100 m to about 20 m length. Working width of the machines is between 1.300 mm to 2.400 mm.


HotCoating - Furnier
HotCoating - Rollenbeschichtung

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