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Current models


It is a fixed portal, on which the X-axis is located. The Y-axis is realized by two movable tables. The series Excel is offered in a variety of versions and configurations. There are two basic versions of the portal with widths of:

  • 4.800 mm
  • 5.800 mm

Both versions can be equipped with matrix tables in two different tables sizes of Y:

  • 1.800 mm
  • 2.600 mm

Furthermore, Biesse offers the possibility to equip the machine with costumer-specific table options, for example pod and rail table with EPS system.

Basic forms of unit carriers

Model TC

Up to 4 working spindles each with one chain changer with 12 or 18 tool slots. This version is meant for processes that require frequent tool changes, but do not require too large or heavy tools.

Model TCR

Up to 4 working spindles each with one disc tool changer with up to 10 tool slots. This version is used especially for universal milling processes and for the use of angular aggregates.

Model EP

Up to 9 adjacent working spindles without a tool changer are possible. This version is used for the simultanuous milling of several smaller workpieces.

Model TS

Special model with 2 separate working units, each with their own X-axis. With this model, two totally different programs can be run on the two machine tables.

Modell M

Nesting machine based on the Excel series, especially for high-performance processing and high capacities.

Furthermore, different special features can be used (e.g. tilting-spindle).The Biesse Excel is only offered with a matrix table. However, with this series Biesse offers extensive possibilities for a fully customized machine.

Images and Videos

EXCEL 5800-22
BIESSE, 2005
Excel TC
Excel TCR
Excel EP
Excel TS
Excel M

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