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Series of CNC-machining centres of the manufacturer Biesse, which was introduced on the market in the late 1980s. The series is characterized by a variety of different models and model versions - from simple point-to-point machines to large, heavy machining centers for processing solid wood.

The machine of the Rover series are cantilever machines, except for two models (Rover 342, Rover 346).

In the beginning, the models of the Rover series were named with two- or three-digit numbers, where a higher number meant a larger and usually better equipped model. In 2005, a change in model policy occurred. The machines were built from modules.

Since then, there are three basic types

which can be combined with machine tables with different lengths as well as different equipment options.

The machines from the Rover-series have been, except for (Rover 342 and Rover 346) only cantilever machines.

From ca. 2010 machines in the woodworking with gantry processing centre have become popular. Since then, there's the Biesse Rover machine with gantry processing machine, which is indicated with a "G" in the type designation.

During the market launch, the Rover series has only consisted of machines with console table, in the mid-2000's a grid table has been offered alongside every machine. These machines are indicated by an "FT" in the type designation.

Images and Videos

Nestingzelle Biesse Rover B G FT 2231
BIESSE, 2014
BIESSE ROVER C 6.50 Conf. 2
BIESSE, 2005
Rover B Rastertischmaschine
Rover 22 Gesamtansicht
Rover 30 Gesamtansicht
BIESSE, 1999
Rover 325 Gesamtansicht
Rover 464
Rover A3.30 mit Traversentisch
Rover C 6 Rastertischmaschine
Rover 13S Gesamtansicht
BIESSE, 1997

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