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Short description

Middle range machine of a series of economically-priced machining centers, which Biesse introduced on the market in the mid-1990s and only discontinued in 2005, with a change of their model policy.


Working range 2.893 x 950 mm, router head with ISO30 tool holder 3.6 kW, drilling unit with 10 vertical and 6 horizontal drills as well as a groove saw, 3-fold tool changer. The control NC410 has got a floppy disc drive, a color display as well as simple, graphically supported programming options. Furthermore, the Rover 20 already allowed alternating processing.


Working spindle with a higher power of 6.6 kW, additional 4-fold pickup tool changer, serial interface RS232, barcode reader, more powerful control XNC Compact.

Special fact

The successful machines of the Rover series (Biesse Rover 20 and Biesse Rover 24) were continued under the names Biesse Artech Pluris 20 and Biesse Artech Pluris 24, from about 2003, for marketing reasons, although a new model concept had already been determined.


Rover 20 Gesamtansicht
BIESSE, 1997
Optionaler Pickup Wechsler Rover 20
Aggregateträger Rover 20

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Types of the series BIESSE ROVER

CNC machining centre
CNC machining centre for windows/doors