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Here: automatic loading of beamsaws or CNC-machining centres with the material to be processed.

CNC machining centers

For stationary CNC machining centres there are 3 basic systems for automatic loading:

  • Through-feed devices for integration into automatic machining lines in combination with pod and rail tables as a solution in particular for large production capacities. Mostly this is realized by conveyor belts, which transport the workpiece into the machine and lower when the desired position is reached. The workpiece is placed on the suction cups where it can be fixed now. After processing, the conveyor belts rise again, and transport the workpiece out of the machine.
  • Loading robot in combination with pod and rail tables and a self-adjusting machine table: This solution is particularly applicable for the fully automated production of small batch sizes. When feeding by through-feed technology, the conveyor belts prevent a free positioning of the suction cups. Therefore, this technology is not appropriate for frequently changing workpiece sizes and shapes. Since a feed robot has no parts in the machine table, the suction pods can theoretically be newly positioned for every workpiece.
  • Automatic loading of machines with matrix table or special nesting-tables by means of lifting tables or vacuum lifters and program fences: This type of automatic loading is specifically limited to the nesting technology, where complete panels need to be loaded into the machine for further processing.

Panel sizing beamsaws

There are several methods for loading horizontal beamsaws:

Manual loading

The panels are loaded piece by piece, either manually or using a vacuum lifter, onto the front flotation tables, and are manually pushed to the program fence, which has been moved to its starting position, to be then clamped by the grippers and to be drafted.

This type of loading is used in particular for crafts or for cutting special parts.

Automatic loading of panel packages

This principle of material supply is used in particular for industrial series production, when several panels have to be regularly supplied to the sizing process at the same time. Using roller feeders and/or lifting devices, entire paletts with raw panels are transported to the machine to load the panels piece by piece or in stacks to the machine.

Automatic loading of single panels from a field storage

Using a vacuum lifter, single panels are fed to the cutting process.

Other solutions

  • Some automatically fed beamsaws or angle plants have got a feed/unload area at the side of the machine, with the help of which panels can be manually fed or removed into/from the automatic process. Example: Side Infeed and Outfeed Station SIOS (Selco)
  • FlexFeed (Giben)
  • Vacuum loading 2in1 (HOLZMA)
  • Panel lifter from the company Mayer, which can take one or more panels from a stack using controlled grippers
  • Roller feeding (Giben)

Images and Videos

CNC: Durchlaufeinrichtung
BIESSE, 1993
CNC: Beschickung über Vakuumheber
Säge: Beschickung mittels Vakuumsauger
Optilift, Econolift
Beschickung seitlich/ hinten
HOLZMA HCL 11 /X/43/22 0.S.
HOLZMA, 1997
FH 6 mit automatischer Beschickung