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Spraying device


Assembly for the application of liquid substances onto passing-by workpieces and onto machine parts.

Place of application

  • Machine infeed: nozzles in front of the premilling unit, application onto the workpiece´s upper and lower surfaces, substances sprayed onto the edges are removed by the premilling unit
  • Gluing zone: onto the pressure roll
  • Machine end: just after the flat scraper, before passing the buffing unit

Substances and their use

  • Release agent
  • Is sprayed onto the top and bottom of the workpiece before the premilling unit. Glue, especially PUR glue, can no longer adhere to these surfaces, whereby the cleaning of the workpiece is made easier. It is only used in connection with a premilling unit.
  • Is sprayed onto the first pressure roll and thus, reduces the adhesion of glue on the pressure roll.
  • Anti-static solution (see also: Antistatic-Coolant spraying unit)
  • Is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece and thus, prevents the static adhesion of plastic milling chips on the workpiece surface. Thus, the surface remains free of chips and the tracing rollers of the aggregates cannot run over chips and copy them onto the edge.
  • Cleaning agent is sprayed to the top and bottom of the workpiece around the area of the edges before the buffing unit and serves to remove release agent and glue residues with the buffing discs.

Beam saw

Additional equipment for panel sizing plants or panel saws, which applies a thin layer of release agent onto the main saw blade with (a) nozzle(s).

This technology is used in machines which are designed for NE (non-ferrous) materials or cutting of plastic. Some materials, like for example aluminum, tend to lubricate because of the heat produced during separation. Without release agent spraying device, aluminum material would adhere to the saw blade and hinder the separation process.


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