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Short description

CNC-machining centre of the middle class, which was introduced by Biesse in 2004. The Rover B is offered in a variety of machine table versions and aggregate configurations.

Equipment versions

1. Drilling unit with 14 drilling spindles vertical, 4 drilling spindles horizontal X, 4 drilling spindles horizontal Y. This version could be equipped with 1 - 3 milling spindles - one of which could be optionally equipped with a C-axis.
2. Drilling unit with 24 drilling spindles vertical, 6 drilling spindles horizontal X, 4 drilling spindles horizontal Y, groove saw.

Depending on the configuration, the aggregates support can be equipped with 1 - 2 ride-along tool changers with 6 or 8 exchange positions as well as a 12-fold ride-along tool changer for configurations with only one router head.

For the Rover B, Biesse offers a variety of additional options, configurations and clamping systems, like for example horizontal moulding aggregates, or different clamping systems, like the Biesse ATS and others.

Rover B2.30 Version produced until about 2007, machine table size 3.060 x 1.140 mm, machine with traverse table

Images and Videos

ROVER B 2.30
BIESSE, 2006
ROVER B 2.30
BIESSE, 2005

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Types of the series BIESSE ROVER

CNC machining centre
CNC machining centre for windows/doors