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Moving gantry, which was introduced by Biesse in 2006 as machine with special equipment suitable for nesting. The model was only available with a matrix table and was successively extended to 3 model versions until 2010.

Basic equipment

30 drilling spindles vertical, 6 drilling spindles horizontal X, 4 drilling spindles horizontal Y, groove saw, router head with 12 kW, either ISO30 or HSK-F63, 8-fold tool changer, control XP600.

Optionally available were different feeding and unloading systems for the production with nesting procedure, a C-axis as well as a label printer.

Model versions

Rover G512 (also Rover G5.12) machine table size 3.200 x 1.500 mm
Rover G612 (also Rover G6.12) machine table size 3.200 x 1.800 mm
Rover G714 (also Rover G7.14) machine table size 4.300 x 2.205 mm

Around 2011 the first Rover G series was cancelled, instead the already available standard-series Rover A and Rover B have been expanded for G-models on the basis of the former Rover G. Since 2015 the "G" got dropped completely off the designation and the current model names are Rover A FT and Rover B FT.

Already before the simpler models Skill and Klever have been introduced on the market. There were visually similar to the Biesse Rover G, but weren't based upon it.

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