Corner rounding unit

Name of a corner rounding unit on edgebanders, made by Brandt

This aggregate has two motors, tracing the edge profile with two tracing rollers and transfering the profile to the processed edge. A complete rounding is possible with a max. workpiece thickness 40 mm.

For ensuring a quick tool change, the motor is removed by means of a star grip via dovetail guideway and an exchange motor is put in quickly; no more adjustment ist necessary.

Technical data

Rotational speed : 10.940 rpm
Motor : 200 Hz
Motor current : 2x 0,35 kW
Processing speed : max. 10 m/min
Workpiece thickness : min. 12 mm
Edge thickness : max. 3 mm
Workpiece length : min. 200 mm


Eckenkopierfräsaggregat FF 6220
BRANDT, 2007
FF 6220
BRANDT, 2010