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Magazine for single strips


Device on edgebanders for the supply of solid wood strips, which shall be glued to workpieces.

Basically, edgebanders can process two kinds of lipping. Either the edge material is available in roll form, i.e. the "continuous edge" is rolled up and thus can be placed on the coil table in the machine infeed or the edges are fed to the machine as pre-cut strips (fixed lengths). To be able to store several strips on the machine, which are then automatically taken for gluing, piece by piece, magazines for single strips are used.

Construction and working procedure

A metal plate as the foundation offers a support area for the fixed lengths. At the workpiece-facing side a stop is mounted as a vertical contact surface. The end of the stop is a driven spike roller. From the opposite side, a pneumatic bar presses the fixed lengths strips to the stop and the spike roller. The spike roller feeds the solid wood strip to the gluing zone (glue application unit/pressure zone) by rotation movements. Here, a thickness limit, which has to be set manually, prevents that more than one strip is taken out of the magazine. Downholders from the top, which usually consist of two metal rods, prevent the strips from shifting to the top. After the removal of the first strip, the next strip automatically slides against the stop and the spike roller because of the pressure of the bar.

Alternative terms

  • Fixed lengths magazine


Streifenmagazin Bestandteile