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Disc tool changer

Term for certain types of tool changers on CNC routers and machining centers, in which the tools are arranged on the outside of a circular disc.

Tool exchanges always take place at the same point. By rotating the disc, each tool can be transfered to this transision point.

There is no clear differentation to the term revolver tool changer, since the tools are changed using the revolver principle, as well. Usually, the term disc tool changer is only used for changers with tool holders, but not for changers where fixedly bound tools, partly having own motors, are exchanged. Even the barely common version with tool holders that are positioned in the shape of a star and pointing outwards, is rather associated with revolver tool changers.

Today, one almost exclusively finds horizontally arranged disc tool changers. Until the 1990s, disc tool changers were often used vertically, as well. This led to a partial overlap with the term revolver tool changer.

Usually, these types of changers are used as ride along tool changers for small or average capacities. The advantage here is the mostly short changing times and the relatively small demand on space for small capacities. A disadvantage is that the demand on space for higher capacities increases considerably compared to other types of changers.

Another posiible use is a stationary configuration, sometimes using several floors, as inexpensive tool changers with particularly high capacities, so-called "tool rooms".

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Alternative terms

  • Drum changer
  • Drum tool changer
  • Disc tool changer

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Werkzeugwechsel bei einem mitfahrenden Tellerwechsler
HOMAG, 2010
Tellerwechsler an einem CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum
WEEKE, 2003
Tellerwechsler, mitfahrend, vertikal
Tellerwechsler, 'Toolroom'
Tellerwechsler mit verschiedenen Wechselaggregaten