Half size

Term used in the field of woodbased panels.

The dimensions of 'half-size panels' are not defined. Length and width depend on the production machines of the individual panel manufacturers. After the press the panels generally end up (lengthwise) halved on the market or be further processed - hence the term 'half-sized'.

Examples for panel sizes

Material designation: Balanceboard

  • Manufacturer: Pfleiderer AG
  • Application: furniture industry, commercial construction, ship- and vehicle construction
  • Full-size: 5.310 mm x 2.100 mm (length x width)
  • Half-size: 2.655 mm x 2.100 mm

Material designation: Wood core plywood, chipboards

  • Manufacturer: Moralt AG
  • Application: furniture construction, store building, interior construction, office equipment, wall covering, vehicle construction, ship equipment, concrete formwork, theatre- and set construction
  • Full size: 5.200 mm x 2.050 mm (length x width)
  • Half size: 2.600 mm x 2.050 mm

Material designation: EUROLIGHT

  • Manufacturer: Egger Gruppe
  • Application: furniture and interior construction, post-forming elements, door construction
  • Full-size: 5.160 mm x 2.070 mm (length x width)
  • Half-size (stock size): 2.800 mm x 2.070 mm


BalanceBoard (Pfleiderer AG)
Tischlerplatten (Moralt)