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Constant passline height

Description for the constant height of a working table, independent from the manufacturer.

The desired thickness of the workpiece is adjusted by lifting/lowering the processing aggregates. Seen from a construction point of view this is more expensive than a lifting table, so for most belt sanders the adjustment of the working height is realized by the height adjustment of the working table.


  • Machines with fixed table height can be more easiliy integrated into production lines/chains, since the workpieces are always transported on the same height.
  • Labor-saving devices (conveyors etc.) only need to be adjusted in height once.

Alternative terms

  • Fixed working height
  • Constant table
  • Machine head adjustment at a constant level of work, company Kündig


Prinzip konstante Tischhöhe
Oberteilverstellung mittels Zahnriemen in einer HSM 2