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Loading by vacuum lifter

The panels to be cut are fed to a pre-stacking table one at a time or out of a panel storage system to the beamsaw by use of a vacuum transport system.

Advantages are:

  • very thin panels that can not be lifted or pushed off the stack without using a special technique, CNC micro-infeed, STLD aggregate for thin panels
  • Panels with a sensitive surface (that could be damaged in the process of offpushing)
  • Unloading of small amounts of panels from various stacks (dynamic storage and retrieval system)
  • Collocation of several different panels to a panel package
  • Possibility of turning the workpiece for example for head cuts

A simple, technical way of handling panels, without the integration of a vacuum transport system in the machine control is feeding/unloading by use of a vacuum column swiveling crane.

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HOLZMA HPP 510 /43/43
HOLZMA, 2006

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