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HOLZMA 2-fingered grippers

Clamping device on the programmable stop byHOLZMA - beam saws. For a secure clamping and leading of the narrow stripes during the cutting process, those 2-fingered grippers are preferred in the field of the angled stop.

  • Quality feature for high-quality dividing plants and for cross section saws
  • Distiction: one-fingered collet

special shape for very narrow stripes

  • optionally offered special collet chucks for narrow parts, which are able to affix safely workpieces from e.g. 20mm width.

alternative designation:

  • collet 2-fingered
  • double-fingered collet
  • collet
  • double-finger collet

Images and Videos

einfache/ doppelte Spannzangen
Spannzangen für Schmalteile (HOLZMA, HPP 11)
HOLZMA, 2002
HPP 350 /43/43
HOLZMA, 2008