Vario NC Plus

Aggregate interface developped in cooperation with ATEMAG and HOLZ-HER, for use on CNC-machining centres. It's an extended version of the VarioNC interface.Vario-NC Plus aggregates can be exchanged by a tool changer via the workpiece interface HSK63F.

The Vario tool change system allows processing with 5 axes on a 4-axis machine with the proper aggregates. The 5th axis is a positioning axis and cannot be an interpolating axis due to the system. The adjustment of the 5th axis is performed between the individual processing steps, by means of the drive of the C-Axis.

Unlike the Vario-NC, the Vario-NC Plus aggregate has its own interface for exchanging tools on a separate tool changer. This tool interface is a house development, based on the standard HSK40.

Alternative term:

VarioToolChange: In some brochures HOLZ-HER used that term. However, there is no clear distinction between the two terms.

Evidently, the interface machine-aggregate is mainly called VarioNC Plus, while the interface aggregate-tool is mainly called Varioi ToolChange (in aggragate/ tool descriptions etc.).

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Vario NC Plus mit Sägeaggregat
HOLZ-HER, 2011