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HEESEMANN Effect sanding

The lasting trend for a couple of years for structuring and seemingly-weathered wood surfaces has brought up several technologies with which these surfaces can be achieved. The answer of the manufacturer HEESEMANN is "effect sanding", initially introduced at the launch of the new series HSM.

Surface effects

On HEESEMANN wide belt sanders, three different effects can be created completely individually and simply. Whereas the original material of the veneered wooden shape panels which bears two coating layers in different colours.

Concerning machine technology a wide belt sanding machine with CSD-segment sanding pad is necessary.

Roughly sawn

Sanded with the granulation P16 on the cross sanding belt. The saw traces are created by pushing the abrasive grain's peaks through the segments of the sanding pad into the topcoat and thus tearing it open in a way that the basic coating of a different colour underneath becomes visible. Thus creating a pattern going transversally in feed direction on the overall surface of the workpiece without damaging the edges.

After a software update this effect can be applied to different spots in various intensity. For this the pressure strenght of each segment, the position of the sinking segment, their duration of application and the follow-up segment are selected prior or chosen randomly.


The washing-off effect is created by the temporary sinking of individual segments of the longitudinal sanding unit whereas the topcoat will be sanded and coatings of other colours become visible. By the individual control of the segment pressure this sanding operation can be executed in one go at different points in verious intensities.

This effect can be created after a software upgrade on many HEESEMANN sanding machines with CSD pressure beams.

The necessary information and disclosure, about which machines can this update be used on, can be obtained at HEESEMANN.

Slicing effect

The spotted-shaped breaching of the coloured coating layers can be reached by additionally to CSD-sanding pads and the software upgrade using a sanding pad with felt lamellas and an especially flexible sanding belt on the longitudinal sanding unit.

By an oscillation unit for the sanding pad the slicing effect can be given a wavey course..

Alternative technologies

We introduce in our lexicon in the article surface finishing further technologies for the structuring and finishing of wood surfaces.


Sägerauer Schliff, links regelmäßig, rechts individuell
klassische und Effektschleif-Programme auf einer HSM 2
CSD-Schleifschuhprogrammierung für das Effektschleifen
Schleifeinsatz für das Effektschleifen
Effektschleifen - gerade Hobelspuren
Effektschleifen wellenförmige Hobelspuren

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