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Honeycomb panel

Honeycomb panels are multilayered panels which consist of a light-weighted core and a robust top layer per side. The core is mostly honeycomb-structured, made of carton box with cavities. Thus the weight of the panel is highly-reduced. By the robust top layer, the required stability of the panel will be achieved. Hard materials are being used for the top layer, e.g. MDF-panels or HDF-panels.


honeycomb panels are the main component of Inder doors, therefore they are relatively light.

common types of wood

For the top layer, beeches are mostly used.


  • sanded
  • coated depending on protection and required looks


  • robust
  • relatively light
  • good isolation


  • not weather-robust, therefore only applicable indoors


Wabenstruktur einer Wabenplatte (Höchsmann 2015)