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Preheating zone

Module on edgebanders which is there for the heating of the workpiece edge before the edgebanding process.

Critical to the strength of the glue connection between the plate and the lipping is that the glue infiltrates the plate material and does not set too fast. For this reason, the workpiece edge can be heated with the help of the preheating zone before the gluing zone. Preheating zones thus replace the slow heating of cold workpieces in the workshop.

Another possibility to prevent the too rapid cooling of the adhesive is a glue reactivation by a radiant heater between the adhesive application unit and the pressure zone. The company Brandt uses this system under the name infrared hotmelt activation.

Heated infeed fence

Due to the contact with the infeed fence by sliding along, the workpiece edge is heated. Infeed fences can be heated by an internal electric heater (e.g. IMA) or by a hot air fan (e.g. HOLZ-HER). This type of preheating zone can be primarily found on machines of former construction periods.

Infrared emitters

The workpiece edge is heated without any contact, by heat radiation, i.e. the heat is generated on impact of the radiation from the company Brandt on the workpiece edge. This type of preheating zone is increasingly used. Depending on the wavelength of the radiation, more ambient air (mainly dark radiation, long wave) or the workpiece material (mainly light radiation, short wave, identifiable by the glaring light in the machine inlet) is heated.

Alternative terms


Verzögerung der Leimabkühlung
BRANDT, 2002
Lage der Vorheizzone
BRANDT, 2002
Heatable infeed fence