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Term for an aggregate interface by the HOMAG-group, which has been developed in collaboration with the aggregate manufacturer Benz.

The Flex 5 axis underlying technology was already patented in 1996.

The Flex5axis aggregates are more equipped with the tool interface hSK-F63. They can be changed over the tool. The Flex5axis interface facilitates to execute a processing with 5 axes with the suitable units. The rotational axes are done as adjusting axis.

In contrary to Flex5 and Flex5+, the C- axis and A-axis can both be adjusted independently from each other. Also no interpolishing 5-axis movements can be executed.

This has never been executed software-wise though.

The interface of Flex 5 is not compatible with Flex5 and Flex5 Plus.

The Flex5axis interface is only available for machines by the manufacturer Weeke, and the subsequent machines under the Marke Homag respectively, as Weeke doesn´t produce any machinery with 5-axis-spindles and offers the the Flex5axis unit instead.

With introducing the series Weeke Venture 115 initially a 5-axis machine by Weeke showed up on the market. In favour of the technology in 2017 the production of all machines with Flex 5 interface has been created.

Like the interface Flex5 + the Flex5 axis are units are equipped with an own tool changing plant.

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HOMAG, 2015
Flex 5 Axis Schnittstelle auf einer Weeke Venture 240
HOMAG, 2014
Flex 5Axis Schnittstelle auf Weeke BMG 211
HOMAG, 2015

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