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Series of bottom-sanding wide belt sanders from the German manufacturer Bütfering, which was produced until the mid-1980s.

The corresponding machines with overhead sanding aggregate can be found in the series FBSA.

Type history

Until 1976

The machines were built in the then-typical, rounded design. There were four sanding widths: 600 mm, 800 mm, 1.100 mm and 1.300 mm. The workpiece thickness was adjusted by hand using an adjusting wheel, the thickness could be read with a vernier with a magnifying glass. The machine was available with a sanding pad aggregate. For calibrating, the machine table could be locked. A brushing unit in the workpiece outlet provided for dusting the workpieces.

  • Workpiece thickness: 100 mm
  • Feed rate: 10 and 20 m/min, optionally even continuously variable adjustable

1976 until 1985

The machines got a box-shaped, rectangular form and were available with sanding widths of 800 mm, 1.100 mm and 1.300 mm. They could be ordered with one sanding aggregate, as type FBS, with two sanding aggregates, as type FBS 2. Instead of the hand wheel, the machines were now equipped with an electromotive height adjustment and the set thickness could be read on a mechanical digital readout. In case of the workpiece feed one could choose between conveyor belt or roller conveyor and between 2-stage or continuously variable feed rate adjustment.

  • Workpiece thickness: 150 mm
  • Feed rate roller: selectable between 10 and 20 m/min, continuously variable between 5 to 24 m/min
  • Feed rate belt: selectable between 10 and 20 m/min, continuously variable between 6 to 30 m/min

Successor series since 1985


FBS, abgerundete Maschinenform
FBS 1300

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