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HSC processing

  • Abbriviation for high Speed Cutting whereas the speed may reach up to 36000 Upm.
  • tools see thermoGrip
  • CNC milling machines for speed rate machining (HGZ) which operate with especially high cutting speed and high federate, usually for metal- and plastic processing in the model, shape and tool production.
  • In woodworking as well, machines with a spindle speed of approx. 30000 1/min and a cutting speed above 30 m/s can be used, e.g. for nesting, grooving-, section- or inline millings with low tool diameters, a high milling proportion and little tool change
  • tools and clamping tools have to comply to far higher requirements regarding balance, stiffness and accuracy, precision.


HSC Spindel an Homag CNC B600/700