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LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles which are paving tiles from PVC. Their surface replicate mostly real natural materials like wood or stone but the looks ceramic coatings, concrete or sand as well as monochrome LVTs are available. Except from the looks many products feature similar original materials.

For their production, photo-technical reproductions of materials are applied on the surface of the design through a pressure and embossing technique. This is protected by a thin, transparent layer from above as coating and sometimes as a sealing. Below the backing layer forms the support on the floor.

The vinyl tiles have a built-in height of a few millimeters and are to be laid very easily on a correspondingly prepared underground. Except for the products to-be-glued and the self-gluing ones, there are several individual click systems (similar to the laminate). The format ranges from square tiles to planks in different sizes.