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Tool clamping system

Term to describe the interface between tool and machine in CNC-machining centres.

The tool clamping system usually consists of a tool interface, which contains a tool holder. If such a tool interface exists, Höchsmann specifies the standard of the tool interface under the name "tool clamping system".

Partly, machines do not have tool interfaces. In this case, the kind of tool holder is specified.

Since these terms are not standardized, they are not uniformly used. Here, the most common and most linguistically clear use is described.

Tool interface

In order to allow tool changes in CNC machining centers without re-measurements, the actual tool is clamped in devices, that can be easily tightened or loosened and do have a defined support surface. Thus, even after multiple exchanging procedures, a measured tool clamped in the interface still has exactly the same dimensions, in the machine.

In CNC woodworking, the following tool interfaces are common:

  • Hallow shank taper HSK-F63 (currently the almost exclusively used system)
  • Steep-angle taper ISO30
  • Steep-angle taper ISO40
  • Hollow shank taper HSK-F50
  • Hollow shank taper HSK-F63
  • Morse taper MK2 (today rarely used, since an automatic tool change is impossible)

Tool holder

The tool holder is the element, which contains the actual tool. A tool holder can be located either directly in the router head or integrated into a tool interface. Router heads, which contain the tool holder without an interface are barely used anymore, today. Since a tool change has to be done manually and the tool has to be re-measured and saved, this is not economical. In exceptional cases, it could be found for reasons of precision or as an inexpensive additional router head.

In CNC woodworking, the following tool holders are common:


Hydrospannfutter mit HSK-F63 Werkzeugaufnahme
HSK-F50 mit Schrumpffutter und Spannzangenaufnahme
Steilkegel ISO30 mit Drehmomentstütze
Steilkegel ISO40 mit Werkzeug
Fräserdorn mit Werkzeugschnittstelle ISO40
Morsekonus MK2
Spannzange Typ ER
Spannzange Typ E
Verschiedene Werkzeugaufnahmen mit HSK-F63 Schnittstelle