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Angular window machining centre

Combination machine for single sided transversal and lengthwise processing of window and door planks

  • Combination of a tenoner and a profiling machine, which is connected with a 90° angle transfer of the workpiece
  • Different automation packets tailor the system to the technical production requirements
  • Enables consignment-specific, order-related throughput processing within one system

Main components


  • In 1975 the company Okoma obtained the patent for the first angle plant
  • The first angle plant from Weinig, the Unicontrol 1, was built from approx. 1981
  • Since the end of the 1980s, the first CNC-controlled, linked angle plants also with dowel boring station (wooden windows production line)
  • Approx. 1997 the first production line UC-Matic in the modular system from Weinig

Alternative terms

  • Window automat
  • Automatic processing centre, SCM CENTER

In other areas of wood processing one also refers to "Angle plants" - see: Angle plant


Windor 60

Series (42)