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Minimum lubrication

A minimum quantity lubrication is a special lubrication of the tools of non-ferrous metals with woodworking machines.


The chipping behaviour of several non-ferrous metals, especially aluminium, is relatively similar to wood´s. The cutting speed and forces are more comparable to the processing of wood materials than with the processing of other metals such as steel.

Hence woodworking machines will often be deployed for the processing of aluminium. This is often possible without modification, partly a cooling of the tools is adivsable for a higher processing quality. The so-called minimum quantity lubrication suffices comlpetely.


Via a nozzle the automatically low quantities of lubrication will be sprayed on the milling tool. The quantity, if possible, is to be dosed exactly as such, that the lubrication can´t drip from the tool (to make a catching system redundant), but wets to some extend.

Which has following consequences:

  • Friction forces during the chipping will be lowered due to lubrication. Through that, thus no tools heat up and the energy consumption of the tools is a little bit lower.
  • The lubricant vapourizes during the heating of the tool. The necessary vapour heat extracts it from the tool, thus cooling it down.


Spindel mit Düse für die Minimalmengenschmierung
HOMAG, 2007
Minimalmengenschmierung an einer 5-Achs-Frässpindel
PADE, 2015