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HOMAG MF 20 Multi-milling aggregate

Flush trimming/radius/chamfer milling aggregate

This edge milling unit on edgebanders by machine manufacturer Homag can be equipped with a multi tool.

  • Suitable for the fibre milling machine up to the 3mm adhesive strength and radius millers R2 and R3.
  • The equipping of fibres on radii takes place manually, different from the MF21, where a modification takes place via control.

performance features

  • 2 motors each 0,55 KW, 200 Hz, 12000 1/min. with plug connection
  • motors in upward milling mode
  • height adjustment with the top pressure
  • edge thickness max. 3 mm
  • workpiece thickness min. 13 mm with R=3 mm min. 10 mm b. fibre 0,5x45 degrees
  • 2 DIA-milling machine HSK 25, Z=4, interpreted for fibre 20 degree and radius R=2 and R=3
  • elektronical frequence converter with motor break function and extension
  • Flush and chamfer unit of glued-on Softforming edges is not possible


Flush trimming/radius/chamfer milling aggregate