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This is a machine translation.

The "Edge Performer" from SCHUGOMA is a Contour edgebander for gluing edge banding in zero joint quality. Without a complex control, this machine can be used to semi-automatic edge moulded parts, as is otherwise possible on CNC machining centre takes place.

Construction and function

The machine base unit corresponds to the VITAP FUSION (formerly ECLIPSE) whose hotmelt gluing aggregate has been replaced through a HotAir unit. A two-part arm with vacuum clamping device holds the workpiece. The workpiece movement results from the interaction of the arm and the feed roller on the permanently installed HotAir unit.

The finishing of the attached edge is carried out without reclamping the workpiece on the second station of the machine through a cross-cut saw and Radius milling aggregate. For the processing particularly large workpieces, the finishing station can be tilted pneumatic below the working plane.

manually Workpiece feed

Small parts can be processed at both stations without the pivoting arm by placing them on the permanently installed table. It is also conditionally possible to carry out finishing work on small workpieces at the finishing station during the semi-automatic gluing process. Those who already have a CNC machining centre for format the moulded parts receive a universally applicable supplement with the EDGE FORMER with regard to edge Processing.



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