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HOMAG intelliGuide

Versions (2017)

intelligGuide basic

The system has been introduced under the name Operator-assistance-system LED by HOLZMA for panel saws of the 3, 4 and 5 series.

  • Features/ Equipment:
  • LED-bars on the cutting line
  • Function principle: The machine operator will be led through LED-light signals on the pressure beam through the processing procedure in close proximity to the cutting lines. Without looking on the monitor, the operator understands intuitively, which work step is the next one. The system helps avoiding i.a. mistakes and errors and to execute the work steps fast and focused.

intelliGuide advanced

  • CADmatic 5
  • LED-bars on the cutting lines
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • An image editing software rates the footage of a camera system in actual time. IntelliGuide recognizes, which part of the saw operator moves in which way and reacts flexibly. With this, it's possible for the first time in history of panel sizing machines, that the machine is reacting to the operator. IntelliGuide always displays the next step via the CADmatic or the per LED - colour bar and supports the machine operator.

intelliGuide professional

  • Top-Version, Equipment such as intelliGuide advanced, but with laser projection system
  • Action instructions in the form of symbols are being projected on the parts to-be-processed. If the machine operator puts a part in a wrong alignment, the laser projects an arrow symbol on the part and displays the required direction of turning. The machine operator knows immediately, what to do - without watching the monitor.


Intelliguide Basic
HOMAG, 2020
intelliGuide professional
HOMAG, 2017
DRILLTEQ D-510, intelliGuide unterstütze Spannerpositionierung
HOMAG, 2019
SAWTEQ B-300 mit HOMAG intelliGuide
Laser von HOMAG intelliGuide

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