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The series "Morbidelli" are since 2017 CNC-machining centres in the SCM-group which are predominantly designed for the panel processing. Whereas it's not a newly introduced series, but only a series and type descriptions consisting of restructuring.

The desgination "Morbidelli" originally derives from the manufacturer of CNC-machining centres and drilling technology of the same name, which since 1987 is part of the SCM group.

Up until 2009 Morbidelli has their own production locations.

After that the production has been relocated in the SCM-main plant in Rimini, the machines have been further distributed under the name of the manufacturer's name Morbidelli though.

From 2017 on a complete restructuring of the type designation took place within the SCM-group. Thus the series "Morbidelli author" has turnt into the series "SCM morbidelli".

The further type designations remain maintained.

Thus e.g. Morbidelli author M 200 turnt into SCM Morbidelli m200.

Opposed to previous "Author" series there is now a variation with grid table from each types of the "Morbidelli" series, this contains an additional "f" after the type designation.

For many of the "Morbidelli" types there exists one extensively similar constructed machine of the "Accord" series, which is more equipped for solid wood processing.


SCM, 2017