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Sizing saws designed for the application in handicraft and serial production which are either equipped with front feeding, with lifting table or as angular plant and able to be fitted through numerous options on individual production reuqirements.

Technical data (2018)

  • Sawblade protrusion 80 mm, optional 95 mm
  • Cutting length: 3.200/ 3.800/ 4.300/ 5.600 mm
  • as angular plant 3.200/4.300/5.600 and transversal saw 2.200mm
  • Speed saw carriage up to 130 m/min, optionally 150 m/min
  • Main saw motor
  • 50 Hz: 11 kW, optionally 18 or 24kW
  • 60 Hz : 11 kW, optionally 21 or 28 kW
  • Operating software CADMATIC 5.0, tapio compatible
  • Lifting table width: 2.200mm

Equipment features of standard version (2018)

Optional additional equipment

B-300 with lifting table

  • Feed either from the back via lifting table or manually from the front
  • Micro infeed for thin panels and extra thrust
  • Retentiondevice

B-300 as angular plant

  • Micro feed for thin panels and extra thrust
  • Retention device
  • Additional intermediate table
  • Emission device
  • Automatic waste disposal with waste valve
  • vibratory channel and cutting unit optional
  • Complete nozzling (Basic equipment with angular plants)

Further models


Homag Sawteq B-300, Bediener mit intelliGuide augmented reality Brille
HOMAG, 2019
SAWTEQ B-300 mit Hubtisch
HOMAG, 2018
SAWTEQ B-300 Winkelanlage
HOMAG, 2018

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Types of the series HOMAG SAWTEQ B