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Flush/radius/chamfer milling units

Standard units at edgebanders which make a flush trimming, a radius or a chamfer at the upper and lower edge of a glued lipping or edgeband.

Flush milling

After trimming of the front and rear end projecting edge with sawblades, the top and bottom projections need to be removed. Therefore usually the trimming saw is followed by the flush milling unit. It is consisting of 2 motors, arranged one above the other and tools with straight cutters. If it is followed by a radius or chamfer milling aggregate a small part of the lipping projection will not be removed. This process sometimes is referred to as pre-milling, but should not be confused with the premilling unit.

Radius and chamfer milling

After flush milling the radius or chamfer unit (also: fine milling) follos . These units consist of two tiltable motors with straight tools for the chamfering or profiled tools for the radius milling. The motors must be swiveling as well as vertically and horizontally adjustable to be able to adjust the profile position exactly. The radius milling is used for PVC and veneer edgeband, the chamfer unit only for solid wood edges. This process sometimes is referred to as fine-milling.

The radius milling is used for lipping of plastic and solid wood. Thin plastic edges as well as solid wood edges are being chamfered.

Alternative terms

  • Flush milling
  • Roughing
  • Radius milling
  • Chamfer milling
  • Profile milling
  • Combination milling

Additional terms

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