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With the robot sorting cell SORTBOT by HOMAG the workpieces in the process of the furniture production can be sorted and saved inbetween.


The sorting cell is designed as interface in the furniture production between pre-fabrication (cutting, drilling, edgebanding) and the assembly and special fabrication respectively. It serves as collection and saving of the workpieces which belong to a furniture piece until they are needed in the final assembly.


Inbetween the circularly-arranged vertical shelves a robot is situated. A barcode scanner passes further information on to the cell control via the workpiece. This decides whether the workpiece passes the robot and is added to the further production process or will be sorted. The robot is equipped with a gripper with two times five fingers with which the workpiece can be put into the shelves. In case some workpieces will be needed the information from the assembly station goes to the cell control which the robot initiates to put the respective parts from the shelves onto the output assembly line.

Performance data

Number controlled axis : 6
Maximum numbers shelves : 16
Maximum numbers of pigeon holes : ca. 500


  • big handicraft businesses
  • Industrial fields

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