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Tool changing auxiliary device

The subsitute aid device usually has one spot in which new tools can be put in by the operator so that the machine can put it in the intended tool changing spot. Analogously the machine can guide out tools on this spot so that the operator can take it out of the machine.

It's a device which can be mixed up with a Pick-Up changer but has a different function to the machine.

Through this the danger of putting a tool or unit in the wrong position of a tool changing unit is minimized. This can lead to a damageing of the machine or the workpiece during workflow.

The manufacturer offers various solutions. The HOMAG-Group has foldable and integrated devices which are integrated in the current pick-up changing units.

The device can be found affixed on the side of the machien with FORMAT 4.


Werkzeugeinwechsel Hilfsvorrichtung
FORMAT 4, 2006
Werkzeugeinwechsel Hilfsvorrichtung mit separatem Platz für Flex 5 plus
Pick Up Wechsler mit integrierter Werkzeugeinwechsel Hilfsvorrichtung
WEEKE, 2010